Sunday, August 12, 2012

ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base

This post is long overdue and now I'd really have to put my foot down and finish it. I hope everyone's been safe over the past few weeks!

I have finished a tube of my very first eyeshadow primer from Tony Moly and decided to try a new one. I finally got to stop by The Beauty Bar at Trinoma and could not pass the opportunity to try ArtDeco's eyeshadow base. Let's go straight to the details!

As per ArtDeco's website: "The Eyeshadow Base with a soft, creamy
consistency prevents the deposition of Eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and makes the powder eyeshadows highly long-lasting, intense and brilliant. The eyeshadow is being applied easier, distributed better and lasts longer. This way, little particles cannot become loose, making it ideal for contact
lens wearers. The base calms reddened eyelids with Bisabolol and neutralizes the color of the eyelid. Vitamin E nourishes and protects the sensitive skin of the eyes. Suitable for all kind of eyeshadows. Free from
animal ingredients."

This baby costs Php450 for a 5ml jar. You might think that it's too small or little but this will go a long way. You will only need a little of it to apply on your lids. The consistency is creamy and it's a little shimmery. It has a faint scent that others may not like. The scent reminded me of men's cologne but I don't mind, it smelled nice :)

I have used ModelCo Eyeshadow Trio - Purple Haze Palette to try if it really does make the color more intense, and it does! Staying power is good, I tried using it at work and my eyeshadow stayed in place for a good 8 hrs although the color toned down very little (I have very oily lids).

Overall, I am satisfied with this product and would buy it again if I'm done with my first jar :)

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