Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tunnel of Fudge Cake

I admit that I have been a little lazy posting blogs for the past two weeks cuz I have been gaga about watching DongYi :-)

I would like to share with you guys my chocolatey experience with Patisserie Caroline. For quite some time, I am curious about their cakes especially the one that's Calamansi flavored.

I'm a cake addict and would always choose cake over ice cream :-) I was a little concerned at first because by looking at it, I felt that it was a tad hard. But when I get to slice and taste it, my worries were all for naught. It's gooey and moist inside, not too sweet and I love it!

Have you tried any Patisserie Caroline treats? I'd love to know!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stop Talking Behind My Back!

Did You Hear? Blah, blah, blah…..

Three Surefire Steps to stop being the Gossip Girl at the Office
It starts out innocently enough with someone in the break room saying, "Isn't it a shame about Shirley?" Clueless, you reply, "What about Shirley?" "Don't you know about her favorite analyst ?" When you answer in the negative, your colleague seizes the moment to fill you in on all the gory details of Shirley's favorite QA of the month getting undeserved perfect PA scores, when he is always out sick and how damned easy IBTM is. Now the poor analyst is now in rehab because he started binge-drinking to drown his misery. Yet you just have to know all the sordid details that would account for him showing up to work lately looking like a subject in a sleep-deprivation study and biting everyone's head off for no good reason. And before you've finished pouring your coffee and grinned sheepishly, you've enabled a gossip to perpetuate the vicious cycle of rumor mongering that too often contaminates the QA Room.

The consequences of participating in office gossip are far ranging and always affect at least two or more people. First, consider the person who is the gossip spreader. Why is this person presenting the information? Can any good come from it? Will the information benefit you or the office in which you work? What's in it for the gossip?

If the answers to these questions are fuzzy, you can probably assume the news bearer is reveling in knowing something others don't yet know. Such "news," whether accurate or not, provides a momentary feeling of superiority and control that the gossip probably lacks otherwise. If this person's work performance isn't sufficient cause for recognition, then the next best option is to stake a claim as the one with the latest inside dirt.

Unfortunately, a gossip isn't satisfied just possessing the information. After all, knowledge that isn't shared is wasted, right? How would others know the value of this soul unless the intelligence is disseminated? This is where others get implicated without necessarily being willing participants. Even the "innocent" are drawn in to the gossip's web by merely listening. For a few fleeting moments, this person has everyone's undivided attention, and this is "reward" enough.

While gossips themselves might not immediately suffer for their loose tongues, eventually they will be found out. The consequences may include poor performance reviews, no pay raises, reprimands from supervisors, or possibly dismissal because of their involvement in destroying office morale or committing slander.

Gossips are usually proactive in sharing their wealth of information, so others have little trouble knowing who they are. Smart coworkers will learn to avoid them any way they can, even though this is not always easy or possible. Even if you yourself don't initiate gossip, just listening to it takes a toll and carries consequences. Guilt by association immediately comes to mind. If several people are present when a gossip leaks a juicy tidbit, you may be credited as the source at some later point just because you were present. People's memories aren't always accurate.

Of course, the one who suffers most is the subject under discussion. Even if the rumor proves to be just that, the damage has been done. Those who have heard the gossip will be unable to completely erase it from their minds. The consequences for this person might be devastating.

Since no one benefits from gossip, here are three easy steps you can take to avoid this career-killing behavior:

1. Don't do it yourself-ever. No, you aren't talking about people for their own good. You're gossiping. If you really want to help someone, talk to the person directly.

2. When someone tries to gossip with you, you can:

Walk away.
Change the subject.
Directly state, "I'm not comfortable talking about __________."
Directly state, "I don't like talking about other people because I don't like them talking about me." That's a conversation ender for sure.
Reply, "I hadn't heard that about __________. Let's go ask him/her." (Watch a gossip disappear when you say that. Gossips are notorious cowards and dread confronting their subjects.)
3. When someone is gossiping about you, you can:

Go with the direct approach. Say something such as, "I heard that you've been saying the following about me." Then briefly summarize what you have heard. Next, say, "While I wasn't there to hear you, I would appreciate your coming to me directly with any questions or comments rather than talking with our coworkers/friends/family/etc."
Go with the indirect approach. Say something such as, "I don't know if you've heard the rumors going around about me or not, but they're really disturbing. If you hear of anyone talking about me, I would appreciate it if you would ask them to stop."

Just remember, if you don't gossip, you don't have to worry about someone betraying your confidence and telling other people what you said.

Remember, too, to distance yourself from gossips since you are known by the company you keep

If you JUST Can’t stop gossiping, then YOU DON’T BELONG HERE; but here : http://www.tmz.com/


You know you love me

Gossip Analyst.

Special Thanks to - PONGSTER :-(

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tony Moly Hanbang Mask Sheet

Just finished my Monday shift, 4 more days to go and it's my restday!!! (atat lang). Pretty unusual that my work is done early. I so love being at Fairview cuz my travel time is cut down to 30 mins (whoah). I have more time for kikay things :-p

I'm putting my face mask on while watching DongYi. It's my 2nd time to use this face mask sheet from Tony Moly, its the Hanbang Mask sheet in Chestnut Peel. I bought this for Php58 because it was on sale but usually it sells for Php98.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel

Had my shift at SM Fairview and of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by that my workplace is inside the mall...weee!!! passed by Nature Republic and was just checking out if they new stuff. What I got was not so new, but it was one of their best seller πŸ˜„

I succumbed into getting their Aloe Soothing Gel for Php220 for a 300ml jar (I think, can't read the very little notes at the bottom of the jar). The label says that it has 92% aloe and it can be used in 8 different ways.

Super excited to go home so that I can try this :-D After cleaning my face with my TM Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water, i slapped this gel on my face (slap talaga?? Chena lang). I like it because it's cool to the skin, absorbed easily by the skin and has that clean aloe smell ( baket, meron ba dirty aloe? :x)

I can't wait to use it as a hair treatment, face mask, body moisturizer pero for now, sa face lang muna kasi suuuuper sleepy na ko. Kagabi pa ako hinihila sa QA room ng FV ng antok. Will post more about the aloe gel baby soon! Nyt nyt! :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gift from Baby Jo ❤

Such a hectic Monday as always but couldn't have lasted through the day without my rockin' team πŸ˜ƒ. I got a lovely surprise from one of my dearest Joanna - a Denman brush!!! Yipee!!! I'm so barat when it comes to buying brushes and combs and would not dare spend hundreds for a brush. Asa pa daw ako eh tigas naman daw buhok ko, hehehe.

It's a cute, dainty brush with white handle and yellow body (chena na kasi di ko alam tawag dun). It has little prints of lemon all over it and wowwa!!! It smells fruity! (the label says "I'm a fragranced brush"). Cool thing for Denman to think of this concept, now girls and women like me can style ther hair and make it smell nice at the same time πŸ˜„

It's the coolest hairbrush I have πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ and I'm very thankful of Joanna for being so thoughtful eventhough I didn't get to give her any gifts in return. She's one of the most dependable member of my team and it was such an honor that I get the chance to work with her.

Thank you baby Jo! Promise bawi ako sau. Mwah!!! 😘❤

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snail Mask on a Monday

For quite some time, I have been curious about the snail masks that I see at the mall. I get to try to the snail cream (it was a freebie from Tony Moly) and I kinda like it. I realized that I have to really put very little on my face or put it before I sleep because it's oily.

So there I was again inside the Tony Moly boutique and kinausap nanaman ako ng mga tinda nila (hahaha!) This time I said I'll try their face masks. I bought 2 of the regular chestnut peel mask and 1 snail mask. The snail mask is aroud Php298 if I'm not mistaken. I only bought one just to try it out and hubby will again give me the "eye" when he sees that I went shopping again, hehehe.

Snail mucin they say helps promote cell regeneration, prevent wrinkles, brighten blemishes and moisturize the skin...hmmm, I'm OC about wrinkles and cringe everytime I get a year older (huhuhu, I'm getting really old). So in the name of looking young at pagtitiis ganda, papatulan ko na tong snail cream at snail mask! 😝

This is the thinnest face mask that I've used by far. What I like is it has a cooling effect so I don't feel slimy in the face with all that snail goo. The instructions said that it should be on for 20-30 minutes but I think I had it on for more than that (sinaid ko talaga hanggang sa matuyo) :-)

What I ❤ about it:
• it thas 70% live snail secretion filtrate which they claim to be more effectiv
• it has a cooling effect, no slimy feeling during the time that the mask is on
• the mask was just right sized, it fitted right in the nose area unlike the other masks I've tried :-)
• it sticks to my face really well, so i can do other things (like write this post)
• smells nice
• my face was a little brighter and it felt moisturized ❤

What I don't like:
• a little pricey but i guess that all products that I know that has a snail mucin will be a little more pricey :-)
• the inside packaging was OC, it has a clear hard plastic cover, then a nothe white plastic cover and a paper cover (LOL)

Have you tried any products with snail goo in it? I'd be delighted to know :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eyeliner iLike ❤ K Palette

As promised on my previous posts, here's my review of the K Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeline ( whoa! that's a mouthfull ). I have read numerous reviews about it and got curious about its lasting power.

The video review wherein it was compared against other brands has blown me away! My officemate and I rushed to Beauty Bar Trinoma to get one. Ivy and I were so excited about it and it's promise of a smudge free, water resistant and long lasting eyeliner were very enticing that we couln't resist.

For the price of Php895, I would not mind as long as does what it's supposed to -- STAYING PUT WITH NOT MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A PANDA AT THE END OF THE DAY! :-) and boy it did!!! K Palette delivered and stayed true to their claim :-D

I have tried a lot eyeliner brands and most of them claimed to be smudge proof, water resistant, long lasting, etc but failed. Maybe because of me having oily skin and my eyelids tend to get oily after a few hrs; nonetheless, I'm glad that I did try K Pallete, I got what I paid for and I am happy with it!

What I ❤ about K Palette:
• very pigmented, 1 swipe will do
• dries quickly when applied so you don't have to worry about having marks on you upper lid
• smudge proof
• long wearing, I do not do touch ups on my eyeliner when I'm wearing this
• smudge proof ❤❤❤
• water resistant
• no annoying smell
• easily removed with soap and water, but I use Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water and it's a breeze!

What I don't like πŸ’”:
• I can't think of anything because I am soooo happy with this product but I wish that they have more colors. They are only available in brown and black.

Review: Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Stick Foundation

I am so excited to do this review about Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Stick Foundation. I have been using this baby since January and All I have is ❤❤❤ as in love for this product!

I bought this in Trinoma roughly around Php1900 in shade 754 medium beige. I was on a mission to find a foundation at that time so far, most of what I have bought previously were a disappointmentπŸ˜” Even if this fonda has a steep price, I was glad to buy it anyway (so many good reviews about it).

From what I know, the Nobara Cream Stick foundation is available in 4 shades, I got the 754 medium beige, this has a warm undertone. The packaging is simple, it's in white and would consider it as a pretty big concealer. I like that it is packaged that way because it doesn't take a lot of space in my kit.

The texture is creamy, coverage is medium but it's buildable (depends if you want a full coverage). I have oily skin so this is heaven sent to me because it helped somewhat in controlling the oils in my face (in my opinion). Below are thr pictures and swatches of the foundation and pics of me using it. I have been using this for months now and I absolutely like it.

What I like about it:
• Neat packaging, doesn't take up a lot of space in my bag
• can be used as a concealer
• texture is creamy and doesn't feel heavy on my face
• no annoying smell
• doesn't break me out. I have pimples on my chin but this does not aggravate it and it covers well
• good for covering blemishes and dark spots

What I don't like:
• Hmmmmm, probably the price of Php1900
• I would not probably recommend this if you have dry skin

Will I buy this again?
• definitely YES! I have sensitive oily skin and this cream stick seemed to be perfect match for me πŸ˜ƒ

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Furry Little Babies

Thank God it's Friday!!!

I'm more than excited for Saturday to come so that I can have a very long rest! The stress I and my team had for this week has left us almost pulling our hair out (at least, that's how it felt to me).

Despite all the pressure and craziness this week has, there were still little things that made me break a smile. -- like my cute little (i still consider them little) dogs, Cody and Lexi. I call them my "babies" only with fur. They're gifts given to me by a person I consider my bestfriend, confidante and minion (joke!). Vince gave them to me as his Christmas gift! I was only expecting one but when I opened the box I saw two cute, cuddly and smelly puppies :-) hindi nya kasi pinaliguan!

I named the puppies Cody and Lexi. Cody is the male puppy with brown and black fur, his chest is mixed with white and black line (i dunno how to describe them) while Lexi has milky white fur with a little beige on the tip. These two babies wormed their way into our hearts and they're so endearing. I could not imagine not having them anymore even if they pee and poop a lot. (lol). My kids love them and they could not stop cuddling and playing with them.

For me, nothing beats the moment that Me and hubby comes home from work dead tired and hungry and see Cody and Lexi excited the moment they see us, with tails wagging frantically. That thing they do melts the stress and f0r a second I forget that I'm tired or hungry. Since all my kids are at school by the time I get home, they're the ones who greet me.

I am so thankful that I get to have them, it felt like my heart just went bigger so that Cody and Lexi can fit in. Thank you Vince, they're wonderful!!! ❤❤❤