Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water

Before I go to sleep and end a very @/&:7!?$!! Monday at work, I would like to share to you a review on the Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water as promised on my previous post.
I bought this one from their SM North Edsa boutique which was on sale at that time. I think that the regular price was Php498 but I got it for half the price!
The label says "Excellent skin cleansing line that clearly removes make up and skin impurities while delivering a moisturizing effect" Wel this cleanser did not fail to deliver! The texture is watery foamy once pumped out (hygienic too). You have to use a cottonpad/cottonball and remove your make up in a way that you're applying a toner (huh? Tama ba? Hehehe)
whatever it says on the label was true since I didn't feel that my face was stripped off of its natural oils even though all the makeup, dirt and grind was removed. It didn't sting my eyes when I removed my eye makeup 😃 and it didn't feel greasy on the face too! For the regular price of Php498, I will definitely buy this again. I'm almost halfway through the 200ml bottle and I am loving the fact that this doesn't break me out. I recommend this especially to those who too busy from work and are tamad to wash their face to remove the makeup like me (a bad habit that i need to get rid of, I know!)

Busog Lusog at YakiMix

Happy Monday peeps!!!

The QA team is starting the week right with a simple get together to celebrate Darren's QA Employee of the Month award (naks! bragging rights nanaman to oh!). Although everyone was invited, only a few were able to show up, nonetheless, it was a fun night filled with food, laughter and friends before a hellish workweek. Anne tagged her Oppa along (how sweet), Darren posed as the birthday boy, of course the Duchess graced us with her magnanimous presence (tsokolate eh!) and April - Sleepy's granddaughter (lol).

We ate until we could not breathe no more, I really liked the Macau Cream Pudding. It would have been better if it was cold but still liked it <3<3<3 I got full easily because I had a plateful of sushi and maki (hay, sabi ko na wala rice!). Everyone enjoyed a watermelon popsicle stick just to wash away the flavor of the grilled meat. The cycle was grilled meat and seafood, dessert, popsicle stick then 10-15 mins rest and we're ready for the next round of uncontrolled eating!

The waiters sang a birthday song for Darren, the look on his face throughout the birthday song was priceless! I wish I had captured that on my phone :)Darren fot a plate full of icing which reads "Happy Birthday" with a mini strawberry cheesecake with candle on top. We had to re-enact the candle blowing for picture purposes daw. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and man, we are soooo full! This should last through the entire shift and probably will not think about food for the next 12 hrs.

What a nice way to start our week! Hope you're having a nice one too!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Since I got my iPhone I was amazed about the hundreds of things that I can do with it. Not to mention bugging Siri with questions and requests:-) one thing that I love the most was the Instagram app. I get to take pictures and choose the effects that I want depending on the pic. So for my test babies, I had my team take the app on a test drive! Below are some of them. Hope you love 'em cuz I adore the pics! The best thing about it is i can sync it with my Facebook and Flickr accounts so no repitition of uploads! I'd love to hear from you guys, what's your favorite Instagram moment? ❤

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Come hither eyes!

Hello everyone!

I'm back...I guess that I'm on roll today huh, hehehe :)

Just sharing with you another haul that I got the other week from the mall. The mall seemed to be a candy wonderland for me...EVER!!! I could spend hours after work inside Trinoma or SM North without complaints. It felt like all the stress from my work just melts away, especially when I see make up, bags and clothes and stilletos!!!haysss, sana manalo ako sa lotto (lol)

I was on the lookout for matte eyeshadows and a really good eyeliner. Fortunately, I found them in Tony Moly and The Face Shop. I got the light and dark brown shades. I find it difficult to find matte eyeshadows in the Korean boutiques kasi all of the available ones are shimmery. Good thing i found these two and immediately bought them. The eyeliner I bought was from K Palette (php895 @ Beauty Bar), my officemates and I were sooooo blown away with the video review we've watched over the net!!! you can watch it here:


Now I got my "come hither" eye tool complete! will post individual reviews very soon!

Tony Moly Haul :-)

A few weeks ago, I went to SM North and ended up inside Tony Moly Boutique. Good timing because they were on sale and just had to buy some of them (if not all of them!)I was also on a mission to buy TOny Moly's eye primer because I've read a lot of good reviews about it. I get to buy their Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water, the SA told me that I can use it as a make up remover...gaaahhh!!! I'm sooo tamad when it comes to cleaning my face before going to bed. So this make up remover will be a big +++ for me if I'm too tired to wash my face before sleeping. I got their Lovely Girl eye primer for Php298, it's kinda small but I think It'll go a long way (sana).
As for the two brushes on the pic, I bought them from the department store. I'm just starting on buying make up brushes, I haven't had any "real" training on how to use them so I guess they're good to start with. I think I'll be ready to spend more moolah on good brushes when I know how to properly use all of them (hehehe) As for their reviews, I will post them very soon together with the pics :-D


Its my first time doing this and I am a little nervous (hehehe)...anyway, I do love to write about stuff like make up, clothes, shoes, etc., all that kikay stuff :-) I hope you guys enjoy and feedback would be very much appreciated. Mwah!!! xoxo Chitotberry