Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water

Before I go to sleep and end a very @/&:7!?$!! Monday at work, I would like to share to you a review on the Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water as promised on my previous post.
I bought this one from their SM North Edsa boutique which was on sale at that time. I think that the regular price was Php498 but I got it for half the price!
The label says "Excellent skin cleansing line that clearly removes make up and skin impurities while delivering a moisturizing effect" Wel this cleanser did not fail to deliver! The texture is watery foamy once pumped out (hygienic too). You have to use a cottonpad/cottonball and remove your make up in a way that you're applying a toner (huh? Tama ba? Hehehe)
whatever it says on the label was true since I didn't feel that my face was stripped off of its natural oils even though all the makeup, dirt and grind was removed. It didn't sting my eyes when I removed my eye makeup 😃 and it didn't feel greasy on the face too! For the regular price of Php498, I will definitely buy this again. I'm almost halfway through the 200ml bottle and I am loving the fact that this doesn't break me out. I recommend this especially to those who too busy from work and are tamad to wash their face to remove the makeup like me (a bad habit that i need to get rid of, I know!)

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