Monday, August 13, 2012

VMV Hypoallergenics Matte Lipstick in Copa

Second to eyeliners, I love lipsticks. Right now, I think I have more than 6 and still counting! For me, lipstick add that confidence on your overall look :)

I have been lemming over this shade since last year but couldn't get one because its always out of stock. I'm very glad that I got my hands on this baby at 50% off! Not bad eh? It usually costs Php1050 but I got it for Php525.

NARS Schiap is more brighter and more neon while Copa is a little darker than Schiap but still bright (digs?). Anyway, I like its matte formula because its not drying like my NARS lippie. Just perfect if you want tht pop if color in your lips :)

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