Monday, March 5, 2012

Snail Mask on a Monday

For quite some time, I have been curious about the snail masks that I see at the mall. I get to try to the snail cream (it was a freebie from Tony Moly) and I kinda like it. I realized that I have to really put very little on my face or put it before I sleep because it's oily.

So there I was again inside the Tony Moly boutique and kinausap nanaman ako ng mga tinda nila (hahaha!) This time I said I'll try their face masks. I bought 2 of the regular chestnut peel mask and 1 snail mask. The snail mask is aroud Php298 if I'm not mistaken. I only bought one just to try it out and hubby will again give me the "eye" when he sees that I went shopping again, hehehe.

Snail mucin they say helps promote cell regeneration, prevent wrinkles, brighten blemishes and moisturize the skin...hmmm, I'm OC about wrinkles and cringe everytime I get a year older (huhuhu, I'm getting really old). So in the name of looking young at pagtitiis ganda, papatulan ko na tong snail cream at snail mask! 😝

This is the thinnest face mask that I've used by far. What I like is it has a cooling effect so I don't feel slimy in the face with all that snail goo. The instructions said that it should be on for 20-30 minutes but I think I had it on for more than that (sinaid ko talaga hanggang sa matuyo) :-)

What I ❤ about it:
• it thas 70% live snail secretion filtrate which they claim to be more effectiv
• it has a cooling effect, no slimy feeling during the time that the mask is on
• the mask was just right sized, it fitted right in the nose area unlike the other masks I've tried :-)
• it sticks to my face really well, so i can do other things (like write this post)
• smells nice
• my face was a little brighter and it felt moisturized ❤

What I don't like:
• a little pricey but i guess that all products that I know that has a snail mucin will be a little more pricey :-)
• the inside packaging was OC, it has a clear hard plastic cover, then a nothe white plastic cover and a paper cover (LOL)

Have you tried any products with snail goo in it? I'd be delighted to know :-)

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