Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Furry Little Babies

Thank God it's Friday!!!

I'm more than excited for Saturday to come so that I can have a very long rest! The stress I and my team had for this week has left us almost pulling our hair out (at least, that's how it felt to me).

Despite all the pressure and craziness this week has, there were still little things that made me break a smile. -- like my cute little (i still consider them little) dogs, Cody and Lexi. I call them my "babies" only with fur. They're gifts given to me by a person I consider my bestfriend, confidante and minion (joke!). Vince gave them to me as his Christmas gift! I was only expecting one but when I opened the box I saw two cute, cuddly and smelly puppies :-) hindi nya kasi pinaliguan!

I named the puppies Cody and Lexi. Cody is the male puppy with brown and black fur, his chest is mixed with white and black line (i dunno how to describe them) while Lexi has milky white fur with a little beige on the tip. These two babies wormed their way into our hearts and they're so endearing. I could not imagine not having them anymore even if they pee and poop a lot. (lol). My kids love them and they could not stop cuddling and playing with them.

For me, nothing beats the moment that Me and hubby comes home from work dead tired and hungry and see Cody and Lexi excited the moment they see us, with tails wagging frantically. That thing they do melts the stress and f0r a second I forget that I'm tired or hungry. Since all my kids are at school by the time I get home, they're the ones who greet me.

I am so thankful that I get to have them, it felt like my heart just went bigger so that Cody and Lexi can fit in. Thank you Vince, they're wonderful!!! ❤❤❤

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