Monday, April 16, 2012

T. LeClerc Satin Rouge Lipstick #42 Rose Divine

I am on a mission to find the perfect lipstick for everyday use. After reading numerous reviews about Bobbi Brown's Bikini Pink lippie, I have made my mind up getting it. To my disappointment, it didn't look good on me. I've searched high n low on all the corners of Rustan's (Edsa Shang); tried all lipstick testers from Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder and Guerlain but could not find what I've been looking for.

I had my lips chapped and about to bleed from all the testing and wiping and was about to give up and call it a day but thank goodness I came to T. LeClerc's stall. Yipee!!! The moment I tried thei Rose Divine shade, I knew that I have to have it in my kit :-)

I like it's shade of pink, it doesn't make me look like trying hard to be pa-girl. I like that it doesn't make my dry lips more dry unlike the NARS semi-matte lipstick. This is good for everyday wear, or when you're lazy to put on make up but want some color on your face. This shade is perfect for me as it doesn't make me corpse-y. Another thing I like is got a freebie!!! Oh yes, they gave a sample of the infamous Banane loose powder! I'm excited to put into the test once I have my LM flawless kit.
Moi wearing T.LeClerc Rose Divine

This is highly recommended! Can't wait for this Friday as me and Anika will raid Rustan's again for Laura Mercier's flawless kit 😍

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