Monday, April 16, 2012

The best Apple Pie!

Apple Pie
I had the chance to stroll along my favorite mall, Trinoma, and couldn't pass the chance to stop bu Cafe Mary Grace. I was craving for dessert at that time and decided to order their apple pie and grilled cheese roll.

OMG, I'm craving for it again while I'm writing this post!!! Their cheese rolls are to die for! Super soft and it really melts in your mouth goodness!!! I just cant get enough of it whether it's grilled or not :-)

I am not really into apple pies because I consider myself as a cake person bur this I tell you...this is the best apple pie I have tasted! The crumbs, the apples, the cinnamon and the cream topping meshed really well, giving you that unique apple pie taste that is not too sweet.

Cheese Roll
I strongly recommend for you guys to try it. Drop by Cafe Mary Grace in Trinoma in front of Nationa Bookstore and experience their heavenly desserts! Btw, they also serve salads, pasta and sandwiches.., waaah, gutom na talaga ako!!!

A slice of apple pie is Php125, the mini version is Php175, the cheese roll is php48 if not mistaken. ❤❤❤

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