Monday, August 13, 2012

Yves Rocher Pure System Spot Killing Patch

My zits are all ove the place (lol). These days, they have been a real pain in the neck and they keep on cropping up in the same place. I am desperate to find a solution to this nasty problem.

Then I found this patch from Yves Rocher that is designed to target pimples and make them disappear...pronto! Its the Yves Rocher Spot Killing Patch from their Pure System line. This line is specifically for acne prone skin (me likey ❤)

The patch can be bought for Php480 on any of the Yves Rocher branches. You'll get 24 patches that are sealed in an aluminun foil. There are clear instructions on the label so that you can maximize the usage of the product.

I was a little scared of trying this put because it might worsen my acne condition and it's a little pricey for a patch. Since I am on desperate measures, I had my fingers crossed when I was purchasing this :D so as soon as I got home, I cleaned my face and put 5 patches on my face (one patch for each pimple) and slept. The instructions said that it had to be on for 8 hrs at least. Lo and behold, after 8 hrs, my pimples got a little calmer. Not unlike before I have the patch on that they were all red and angry. The swelling has subsided and it seemed that they are going to heal very soon.

I like the patches, they are very useful especially when you have a big day ahead and pimple suddenly pops out of nowhere. Now, I am leaning towards having their entire Pure System line. Has anyone tried it? I wanna know if they really work :)

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