Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eyeliner iLike ❤ K Palette

As promised on my previous posts, here's my review of the K Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeline ( whoa! that's a mouthfull ). I have read numerous reviews about it and got curious about its lasting power.

The video review wherein it was compared against other brands has blown me away! My officemate and I rushed to Beauty Bar Trinoma to get one. Ivy and I were so excited about it and it's promise of a smudge free, water resistant and long lasting eyeliner were very enticing that we couln't resist.

For the price of Php895, I would not mind as long as does what it's supposed to -- STAYING PUT WITH NOT MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A PANDA AT THE END OF THE DAY! :-) and boy it did!!! K Palette delivered and stayed true to their claim :-D

I have tried a lot eyeliner brands and most of them claimed to be smudge proof, water resistant, long lasting, etc but failed. Maybe because of me having oily skin and my eyelids tend to get oily after a few hrs; nonetheless, I'm glad that I did try K Pallete, I got what I paid for and I am happy with it!

What I ❤ about K Palette:
• very pigmented, 1 swipe will do
• dries quickly when applied so you don't have to worry about having marks on you upper lid
• smudge proof
• long wearing, I do not do touch ups on my eyeliner when I'm wearing this
• smudge proof ❤❤❤
• water resistant
• no annoying smell
• easily removed with soap and water, but I use Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cleansing Water and it's a breeze!

What I don't like 💔:
• I can't think of anything because I am soooo happy with this product but I wish that they have more colors. They are only available in brown and black.

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