Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gift from Baby Jo ❤

Such a hectic Monday as always but couldn't have lasted through the day without my rockin' team 😃. I got a lovely surprise from one of my dearest Joanna - a Denman brush!!! Yipee!!! I'm so barat when it comes to buying brushes and combs and would not dare spend hundreds for a brush. Asa pa daw ako eh tigas naman daw buhok ko, hehehe.

It's a cute, dainty brush with white handle and yellow body (chena na kasi di ko alam tawag dun). It has little prints of lemon all over it and wowwa!!! It smells fruity! (the label says "I'm a fragranced brush"). Cool thing for Denman to think of this concept, now girls and women like me can style ther hair and make it smell nice at the same time 😄

It's the coolest hairbrush I have 😄😄😄 and I'm very thankful of Joanna for being so thoughtful eventhough I didn't get to give her any gifts in return. She's one of the most dependable member of my team and it was such an honor that I get the chance to work with her.

Thank you baby Jo! Promise bawi ako sau. Mwah!!! 😘❤

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