Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busog Lusog at YakiMix

Happy Monday peeps!!!

The QA team is starting the week right with a simple get together to celebrate Darren's QA Employee of the Month award (naks! bragging rights nanaman to oh!). Although everyone was invited, only a few were able to show up, nonetheless, it was a fun night filled with food, laughter and friends before a hellish workweek. Anne tagged her Oppa along (how sweet), Darren posed as the birthday boy, of course the Duchess graced us with her magnanimous presence (tsokolate eh!) and April - Sleepy's granddaughter (lol).

We ate until we could not breathe no more, I really liked the Macau Cream Pudding. It would have been better if it was cold but still liked it <3<3<3 I got full easily because I had a plateful of sushi and maki (hay, sabi ko na wala rice!). Everyone enjoyed a watermelon popsicle stick just to wash away the flavor of the grilled meat. The cycle was grilled meat and seafood, dessert, popsicle stick then 10-15 mins rest and we're ready for the next round of uncontrolled eating!

The waiters sang a birthday song for Darren, the look on his face throughout the birthday song was priceless! I wish I had captured that on my phone :)Darren fot a plate full of icing which reads "Happy Birthday" with a mini strawberry cheesecake with candle on top. We had to re-enact the candle blowing for picture purposes daw. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and man, we are soooo full! This should last through the entire shift and probably will not think about food for the next 12 hrs.

What a nice way to start our week! Hope you're having a nice one too!!!

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