Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tony Moly Lemon Sherbet Foot Mask

As I am having my feet pampered here in Buff Spa, I remembered that I had to post about a foot mask that I had recently tried.

Tony Moly's Lemon Sherbet Foot Mask smelled really nice. The packaging was cute with pictures of lemon :-) hays!!! Moment of truth came, I've put it on as soon as I came to the office. A little bummed because the instructions on the back of the packaging has no english translation.

 Anyways, I had to make use of my google and the pictures on the back. It's pretty much easy to use. There are two masks for the feet, with plastic covers and sticker strip to keep the plastic cover in place.

I had this on for 30-45 minutes. As much as I would like to put it on longer or until it dries out, I need to go oit o the office na kasi hanap na ako ng mga tao ko :-)

I like it because it makes my feet moisturized and soft. Perfect for those days that I am unable to go to the salon to have a foot spa. ❤❤❤

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